How to create a logo – Top 5 Tipps 2022


1. Where can you get a logo done for you?

On this page you can have a logo made for less than 5 $. The absolute savings tip for startups.

2. What do you have to consider when designing?

„A good logo should be something you can draw with your foot in the sand.“ So don’t use too many small details in your logo

3. What colors should you use?

Pay attention to the colors Psychology. For example, competence is best expressed with orange and optimism with green

4. Lettering or a symbol?

Decide whether you would rather just use a lettering as a logo or an image as a symbol. It’s best for people to be able to see what you’re about at a glance.

5. Legal requirements

Also pay attention to the legal aspects, e.g. whether the logo is protected by copyright if you let a designer create it. Make sure you sign a license agreement with all the licenses.

Our video on how to get a logo with fiverr:

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